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Zika Virus

First Case of Zika Virus Reported in Puerto Rico

The Puerto Rico Department of Health reported today the first locally acquired case of Zika virus infection in Puerto Rico.  Zika was confirmed in a resident of Puerto Rico with no known travel history.  CDC is working closely with the Puerto Rico Department of Health to investigate how the patient may have contracted the virus. Health officials in Puerto Rico are monitoring for other cases of Zika virus infection.

Sea Lions in San Diego © Marshall Masterson 2014

Sea Lions, Seizures, and Food Safety: What have Pacific sea lions gotten into and does it pose a risk to humans?

By: Thomas Masterson, Editor, MedicalNewsService.com


Before the start of the new year, the nation saw a peculiar subject emerge in the headlines: sea lions getting dementia from eating fish. The news described a strange phenomenon involving sea lions getting severe brain damage, amnesia and epilepsy from consuming fish with high levels of domoic acid, a byproduct of the El-Nino related algal blooms. As the news came out, we stopped short of asking ourselves: don’t people eat fish too? Could sea lions be the aquatic version of the canary in the coal mine? After much investigation, a pattern began to emerge suggesting that sea lions are not the only ones in trouble.